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Ultimate Grilled Cheese and Ham

After a week of hard work at both our jobs, me as a REALTOR and my wife as a music teacher we decided to have a spa / pajama day at home. She made a wonderful breakfast so lunch fell to me, I didn’t want to spend long in the kitchen so what could I make for us on a windy cold day that would be satisfying but simple? Ultimate ham and grilled cheese!

Chances are you have most of these ingredients on hand. I take whole wheat bread spread a great deal Dukes Mayonnaise and coarse ground Malle Dijon Mustard on each piece of bread. Then, grate a little bit of sharp cheddar cheese on each side of the bread. Next, layer one side with three thinly sliced honey ham slices. Then, put the sandwich in a pan full of hot butter and put another heavy pan on top of the bread to press the sandwich down well. Flip and toast the other side, there you have it ultimate grilled cheese.

To make an interesting presentation I served the sandwiches cut in half on cutting boards with a small dish of fresh blueberries macerated in a bit of sugar with some lemon zest. Making it an extra special brunch, I served it with a flute of Spanish Cava. My wife’s reply? I’m never leaving the house again!


Honey wheat bread slices

Duke’s Mayonnaise

Coarse dijon mustard

Fresh grated sharp cheddar

Honey deli ham

Teaspoon butter


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