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I'm an Anderson, SC native, busy father of two boys & husband! I run a 52 unit apartment complex & I'm a full-time REALTOR®. Meeting people, gardening, cooking & travel are my great loves. I can't wait to get to know you & sell your home or find the best property for your family!

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My family believes in a square deal for each of our clients.

David's Story

Choosing your REALTOR® is a big decision! Your real estate professional will assist you with the biggest purchase of your life so you want to choose the right fit. I hope that person is me, my skill set dealing with people, business, marketing and homes is unique in Anderson and Upstate, South Carolina. CALL ME, let's meet, oh, and take a second to watch my story. 

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Why a Corgi as our logo?

Our logo is our precious pedigreed Welsh Pembroke Corgi named Thatcher. He is a love sponge! His only job is to soak up love and give it back. He is the comfort of our home, the mac and cheese, fluffy comfort between our feet after a hard day, our first greeting in the morning, in short, he is the best of home. He’s not perfect, he can be messy and loves to play ball with a saliva covered toy but in his imperfections he also is so loyal, willing to please and loving. The best of what we want for each of our clients for their home, warmth and unconditional love! 



Let's chat now and get your home SOLD or find a great property. Call, text or email me or better yet hit the chat button and let's talk now!

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