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I'm a REALTOR and unlikely housekeeping Southern Man. I'm as happy in a box at the opera as in a deer stand. I escaped my high stress job and returned to my first loves, cooking, gardening and design. 
Let's have some fun!

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22 years of advertising left me burned out so I retuned to my loves... Cooking, Gardening and Design to save my life and give more of myself to my wife and two boys. Let's enjoy and learn some stuff online together! I'm a citified country boy from South Carolina, hence the blog name, boots and bowties, a bit of country and a bit of Southern charm!

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Homemade Pasta with Lemon Cream Sauce
Boots and Bowties

Homemade Pasta with Lemon Cream Sauce

Making your own pasta is not hard. I promise! You do need a Kitchen Aid Mixer or similar appliance for this recipe along with a pasta maker attachment. Once you have those tools it could not be more simple. You can also use store bought pasta with this sauce but It won't be quite as good as this sauce lets your homemade pasta sing and dance in your mouth. How many times have I watch the contestants of the Great British Baking show knead and knead pasta dough? That is for the birds! This is the twenty-first century! Surely we have come up with something better? Well, we have, its call a dough hook. I start this pasta in the Kitchen Aid Mixer bowl with the paddle attachment. Once the egg, flour, salt and olive oil come together I switch out the paddle for the dough hook, set the mixer on medium-low and set a 10 minute timer. Then wham the dough is done and all in about 15 minutes maximum with little effort. Pop it out onto some plastic wrap and let it rest for an hour. You would want a rest too if you can been pulled and stretched for 10 minutes. It's the kneading the builds the gluten molecules in the pasta that lets it be rolled, cut and boiled and still look like a noodle. The pasta sauce is so simple too, just a light lemon cream with some parmesan. Simple is sometimes the best, less is often so much more! I love to make this on a night when I have little time for dinner. A chardonnay wine also is a great accompaniment. Read the full story at #cookininmyboots