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Top 10 Trends for 2020 at Market, My Design Forecast

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

I've just returned from AmericasMart in Atlanta. It's the twenties and things seem to be roaring again. My wife was kind enough to keep our boys so my mother and two friends made the trip with me for three days. Market was a flurry of activity, large buying, and happy showroom reps. This is a real change from what we saw after the 2008 crash and the many years that followed when I thought market might be a thing of the past.

The theme this year, like the twenty-first century itself, seems to be anything goes. Eclecticism is the rule and the norm. From traditional to modern everything is a mix. Below are my top ten picks for the trends of the year with a few snap shots.

1- Texture Reigns Supreme

The largest trend seems to be the all too often forgotten step child of interior design, TEXTURE! Smooth, rough and soft are not enough adjectives to describe the myriad of textures in every line we saw.

2-Neutrals and Caramels

The second largest trend are neutrals everywhere you look. Grey that has been so popular is still around but creamy caramels and blond browns are the new look.

3-Open Geometric Lighting

It seems every show room has lighting without glass. Pendants and chandeliers have become open shells with bulbs. Painted metal, burnished gold, bright chrome, baskets and worn wood all form lighting for modern and traditional applications. Again, texture is huge!

4- Traditional Lines Become Sleek & Contemporary

In a nod to the 1920's high-end has become synomous with sleek elegance bordering on Art Deco. Wow! History does repeat itself. Some of the most traditional furniture and accessory lines are morphing into sophisticated modern showrooms with traditional touches and patterns paired with acrylics and clean geometric forms.

5-Tribal Textures and Soft Textiles

Wow! Can you say on trend? Everywhere we looked pillows and throws have a highly textural and casual feel with soft patterns that are both modern while recalling traditional Native American, African and Middle-eastern patterns. Soft, patinated fabrics and even vintage repurposed fabrics are the rage.

6-Non-Objective Textural Rugs

I don't think I saw a single traditional rug at market. Highly textured patterns, and modern non-objective patterns are the trend. Most of the rugs are offered in light, almost faded hues that give both lightness and softness to an interior.

7- Return of the 1970's

My mom commented," I've done that", and I said, "yes, "but the mellenials born in the 1980's think this is so new and different". Basket shaped lights, barrel shades and even bohemian macramé were raging in so many lines. I had a flash back to avocado green and harvest gold. Thankfully it passed!

8- Organic Chic is IN, Industrial Chic Begins to Decline

Big changes are happening in Interior Design and this seems to be the largest theme. Industrial Chic with its nod to factories and the work places of the early twentieth-century seems to be changing. Organic Chic or Contemporary Organic, where materials are unadorned, rusticated and truthful is the new on trend style.

9- Farm House Morphs to Modern Organics and Patina of Age in European Styles

Farm House decor has been all the rage in so many stores and catalog and it's on the way out. Farm house too is changing over to a more sleek yet warm and organic style or going towards rustic European styles like Country French.

10- Holiday Changes to Natural & Off Beat Hues

So many of my followers have asked what is in store for the holidays 2020. Black and Red Plaid have been replaced with a mixture of bold and muted psychedelic colors and sophisticated warm hues mixed with forrest neutrals. Nature seems to be the big theme with neutrals so as to meld well with the newest interior trends. Autumn decorations too are full of neutral, earthy textures. The old favorites are still in as well but with a nostalgic and aged feel.

What is Market?

AmericasMart is one of the largest permanent wholesale centers in the world with over 7 million square feet, so it's here we found the top trends over three days of walking, walking and walking! Did I mention walking? AmericasMart is in downtown Atlanta, Georgia and consists of three skyscrapers connected by bridges. It is not open to the public but only to registered businesses who resale to the public. Most furniture, gift and accessory companies show here, at High Point, NC and Las Vegas twice yearly.

LIVE from AmericasMart- David's Trend Report

LIVE from AmericasMart- More Trends...

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