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The Secret of Great Gift Giving

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

We’ve all heard it said it’s better to give than to receive and for me that’s certainly true. I would much rather buy for others than for myself. So what are the secrets of the best gift giving?

1-Buy something you would like to get as a gift. You might have to imagine yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself, “if I was a teacher, older woman, blue collar man, wealthy younger lady, etc., what would I like to receive?”

2- Know the recipient and what they like and dislike. What is their sex, age and interest? Select a gift that is specific for them. Does your girlfriend love cosmetics or never wear makeup? Does the guy love to hunt or hate the outdoors?

3- Purchase something for the recipient they might not necessarily buy for themselves but would love to have. Would your executive husband want a Mont Blanc pen but would never buy it, or does your wife want that night gown but would never buy it for herself?

4- Ask yourself does the person have a great deal of storage space. If they don’t, you might want to consider something they can eat, wear or use. If the recipient is younger they may not have a lot of the necessities of life. If they are older they probably have more than enough “stuff”.

5- Time with your friends or family member is just as important as the gift itself. So make some time to be with them when you give them the gift, or maybe the time in itself is the gift. I’ve started taking my dear friends to lunch on their birthday instead of giving them a present. Maybe you plan a vacation for your spouse or give them a day out on the town.

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