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Robin and David's Favorite Things List for Christmas 2020

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Need some advice for Christmas gifts for the guys and gals in your life? My wife Robin and I have compiled a list of our top favorite things from 2020 that we think would make great gifts. Make sure to shop local as much as you can especially with the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic. We've also tried to pick many of our favorite things that can be purchased from local stores or are made here in the United States.

Robin's List

1-Sister Sauce

We were first turned onto this marvelous Bloody Mary mix by our next-door neighbor. It is also the signature Bloody Mary mix for one of our favorite hotels, the Old Edwards Inn in Highlands North Carolina.

2-Fresh, Evergreen Wreaths

This is the perfect holiday gift for someone who has everything and may not have a place to put it. Order fresh evergreen braids from Jackson and Perkins or go to your local market.

3- Amaryllis Bulbs

These are magical to watch and grow as well. Send one through a mail order catalog or pop into your local plant store or grocery store to pick one up.

4- Lamarca Prosecco

Want to add a sparkle to the holidays? Lamarca Prosecco is a crowd pleaser and can be used for Mimosa cocktails, but it is also very good all by itself.

5- Cashmere Anything

Cashmere sweaters, gloves, or throws, this is the ultimate textile and can last the recipient their entire life.

6- Kanoodle Game For Children

This is a fun game that is great to build your kid's mental powers and its fun and portable at the same time.

7- Rose Water and Ivy from White Barn at Bath and Body Works

Robin loves the scent by White Barn. Hand soaps and lotions would make a great teacher gift or when you need a small hostess gift.

8- AirPods

This is a great gift for anyone who loves music or has an iPhone. Teenagers and adults alike will love the hands-free aspect of AirPod earphones.

9- Hunter Rain Boots

Keep your feet dry and look stylish all at the same time.

10- Navajo Pearls

Navajo pearls are handmade silver beads common to the southwest that complement any outfit from jeans to a dress and support native craftspeople. Our favorite shop is Ortega's on the Plaza in Santa Fe New Mexico.

11- SMEG Juicers

You've never really had orange juice until you've had freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning. The retro beauty of a SMEG juicer also looks great on your kitchen counter. Head to your local kitchen store.

David's List

1- Swiss Army Knife

Every boy or man needs a Swiss Army knife from the executive to the workman. My favorite is the Swiss Army Officer for the varied amount of tools it contains but don't neglect even a small Swiss Army knife for a fellas’ pocket or your gals’ purse.

2- Wild Turkey Bourbon

Surprise the bourbon aficionado in your life with some wild turkey Kentucky Bourbon. Pair it with a beautiful set of glasses for a fantastic gift.

3- White La Cruset Dutch Oven

Need a midsized ticket item for the cook in your life? Nothing is more versatile than a Dutch oven. I like the white La Cruset but any color will do. Remember red is the signature color of the company.

4- Fishing Shirt from Duck Camp in Austin Texas

You don't have to be a fisherman to enjoy the fishing shirts from Duck Camp. Their everyday clothing is so comfortable and best of all features longer sleeves for tall guys like me.

5- Lucheese Cayman Cowboy Boots

From a night on the town to the board room, trust me your fella will love to have a pair of Cayman cowboy boots from Lucheese. They are comfortable from the first step and never need a break in period. I swear by them from the everyday barn boot to the more expensive pairs. The blog's name is boots and bowties after all!

6- Pollywood Rockers and Adirondack Chairs

This outdoor furniture is guaranteed for over 20 years and looks like wood but is made of resin. When they get dirty they can be cleaned with your pressure washer. We especially love the rockers, swings, and Adirondacks.

7- Wind Sculptures by Lyman Whitaker

Need a big ticket gift for the garden or art aficionado in your life? These sculptures are handmade and add energy and panache to any home. They are all made in Salt Lake City, Utah by the artist and twelve gifted apprentices.

8- Villa Antinori Wine

Need a great host gift or something for your neighbor? This is my favorite white wine and it's also drinkable. My wife and I first had a taste of it our summer vacation in Santa Fe this year.

9- Silver Jeans

These jeans for guys are comfortable, stylish and make you look marvelous. They are my go-to several times a week from the garden to a business meeting.

10- Lacrosse Boots

These are comfortable and keep your feet dry and clean in the garden or in the field no matter the weather. I wear them to hunt or garden in the mud and when I spray herbicide. They are the ultimate muck book.

11- A beautiful book- My favorites this year from our library...

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