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Possibly The Greatest Toy Store in the World

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

A few years ago my wife and boys left me at our hotel in Jackson Hole, The Alpine House (One of our favorite places on Earth) to have a massage while they went to a toy shop. They returned with stories about how amazing the shop was and that I had to return with them. Sadly, we didn’t make it back. On a return trip to Jackson Hole I made it to the toy store with my boys and all I can say is my mouth dropped.

The owner’s children, who kept the store, met us at the door in full cowboy regalia: hat, boots etc. They were real-life bull riders! They opened the doors to a western wonderland. The walls were adorned with western frontier decorations. Stuffed animals from the Tetons greeted us along with a talking moose and buffalo. A red barn held the stuffed animals, a Native American’s headdress was filled with feather-shaped suckers and even a pair of vultures stood guard at the entrance.

The decor was not the only draw. The games and toys themselves were like few I’d seen elsewhere, so inventive and creative. My wife and I decided to do the lion share of our Christmas shopping for our two boys in the store. While they were distracted by the shooting game featured throughout the shop. We, like Santa, surreptitiously watched our children and when they were distracted shuffled toys to the cowboy clerks who rang us up and hid the merchandise. They even shipped the toys home for us to South Carolina.

If you are ever in my Happy Place, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, please make sure to check out the Jackson Toy Store. It is one of my family’s favs. You won’t be disappointed! Visit and buy from them online at

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