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The Crunch, Crunch of My Pea Gravel Dreams

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Garden Journal 2/1/2020

-Sunny and Clear 52º, Collins Planted our Elm Trees and Completed the Potager, My French Kitchen Garden

The crunch crunch of pea gravel, its one of my favorite sounds! I can remember walking the paths of Middleton Gardens and Colonial Williamsburg during my childhood and the gardens of Europe in my 2o's and 30's and loving the feel of it under foot. Fast-forward to my married life and one of our favorite movies. My wife and I love the movie "The Holiday" especially the house in the movie and its front gravel court. The colors of the house and garden in that movie were huge inspirations for us as we built our home. The movie also inspired us to have a gravel court in the front of our home that after a few years will be surrounded in trees. Also, the television show "Downton Abbey" with its gravel paths made us long for this material.

Here is what I've found... people think your drive is incomplete in the American South that are now so used to concrete. "Yes, you can drive on it", I say every day. We've covered our front court and back court in tons of crushed slate that will pack over the years. I feel transported to another world with the crunch crunch under my feet instead of yards of concrete. Also, I don't have to worry about spider cracks and stained concrete and best of all rain water will permeate the covering leading to less run off.



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