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Docks on Lake Hartwell SC: Understanding the Impact of Colored Zones

Lake Hartwell in Upstate, South Carolina, is not just a body of water but a dynamic ecosystem with carefully designated zones that play a crucial role in shaping real estate choices. The Shoreline Allocation Maps, specifically Exhibit I of the Hartwell Project Shoreline Management Plan (below), are invaluable tools that potential property buyers need to decipher. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of these zones and shed light on how having an expert Realtor like David Locke from Locke and Key Associates can make all the difference in making informed real estate decisions. It is crucial to understand the zones when selecting a home. Zones make the difference if the property can possess a dock and the cost and future resale amount of a home or lake lot.

Color Coded Zones in Lake Hartwell South Carolina

Understanding the Zones:

The different colors on the Shoreline Allocation Maps represent distinct allocations or zoning of public land surrounding the Hartwell Project. Each color signifies specific permitted uses, impacting the potential private use facilities and activities that may be authorized on public land.

Lake Hartwell Shoreline Management Map

1. Green Areas - Limited Development:

Areas marked in green are designated as Limited Development areas. This means that private use facilities and activities, such as boat docks and underbrushing, may be considered within these zones. These areas provide a balance between development and preservation, making them attractive options for those seeking a blend of waterfront living and natural surroundings.

2. Yellow Areas - Protected Shoreline:

Yellow areas signify Protected Shoreline zones where some private use facilities may be considered. However, it's important to note that no new boat dock permits will be authorized within these zones. These areas are ideal for those who prioritize environmental conservation and want to enjoy the beauty of Lake Hartwell without compromising its integrity.

3. Red Areas - Developed or Designated Public Recreation:

The red areas represent Developed or Designated Public Recreation zones. Private use facilities and activities are strictly prohibited within these limits. These zones are typically reserved for public enjoyment and recreational activities, ensuring a well-maintained and accessible waterfront environment.

4. Orange Areas - Prohibited Access:

Orange areas are labeled as Prohibited Access zones where private use permits will not be considered. These zones likely have unique ecological significance or other reasons that make them off-limits for private development. Prospective buyers should be aware of these areas and seek guidance from local authorities.

Why David Locke, Realtor is Your Expert Guide:

In such a nuanced real estate landscape, having a knowledgeable Realtor like David Locke with Locke and Key Associates can be a game-changer. Locke's expertise in Lake Hartwell's zoning regulations and his understanding of the Shoreline Allocation Maps make him an invaluable resource for buyers as he is a Lake Relocation and Listing Specialist. He can provide precise information about the allocation and zoning of specific areas, ensuring that clients make well-informed decisions aligned with their preferences and needs.


Lake Hartwell's zoning intricacies add a layer of complexity to the real estate selection process. Prospective buyers are strongly encouraged to leverage the expertise of professionals like David Locke, who can navigate these zones with precision, ensuring a seamless and informed real estate journey around the stunning shores of Lake Hartwell.

For more information refer to the US Army Corp of Engineers website


Shoreline Zones for Lake Hartwell South Carolina

Shoreline Zones for Lake Hartwell South Carolina

Shoreline Zones for Lake Hartwell South Carolina

Shoreline Zones for Lake Hartwell South Carolina

Shoreline Zones for Lake Hartwell South Carolina

Shoreline Zones for Lake Hartwell South Carolina

Shoreline Zones for Lake Hartwell South Carolina

Shoreline Zones for Lake Hartwell South Carolina

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