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Let Go of the Turkey Elsa! It’s COVID Season

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Let’s face it we are all done with this COVID season! This Thanksgiving will certainly have to be different for many families. We will only be feeding my parents and our family of four. I must admit Turkey is my least favorite protein and it requires hours of labor for reasonably tasteless and dry poultry no matter what you do. I always feel like both me and the bird are tortured!

Turkey Trauma

One time I cooked enough turkey for an event for 150 people only to carve them open to find blood. In other words I’ve suffered turkey trauma! So, in this season of change, I say if you don’t love it, ditch the turkey for something more scrumptious. Like steaks? Grill’um! Like ham? Cook it baby! Like seafood? Do a low country boil or clam bake. Bottom line, give yourself permission to cook what you like.

New Opportunities

My wife and I are using our smaller guest list of six to do more experimental foods, more gourmet and unusual foods than we could do for the usual 20+ people.

All of us in my family love Idina Menzel and the Disney Film Frozen. So as Queen Elsa, voiced by Idina, sings the song “Let It Go”, I say to all of us this holiday, Let it go, let it go, if it gives you any stress let it go! Remember don’t let traditions be a straight jacket for your joy.

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