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Interior Design and Home Market Trends Report- 2023

My business associates and I traveled to Atlanta for the January AmericasMart gift and home exhibit both to stock our antique and gift booth, Boots and Bow Ties at Apple Dumplin Antiques and view the home trends for my Real Estate business Locke and Key Associates at Keller Williams. AmericasMart is one of the largest permanent trade centers in the world covering three skyscrapers in downtown Atlanta, connected by bridges. It’s truly an amazing place and can be overwhelming for the newbie. I’ve been attending this event twice a year for well over 20 years.

The general trend throughout market was a mixture of materials with traditionalism becoming clean with modern materials for a fresh new look. Two materials that are huge are acrylic and rattan! Acrylic is adding modernity to traditional forms and rattan is adding tradition and warmth to modernism. Modernism is raining supreme warmed with woods, rattan, macrame and patina. Texture is huge from worn wood to tribal patterns to knotty textiles. Lux is also king but with honesty in material and clean form from burnished gold to worn sparkle that is luxurious but highly organic.

Candles are also a big trend this year with a return of the taper that has been so out for many years. Lighting was displayed in a wide array with funky modern and industrial forms raining supreme. Burnished gold with clean crystal accents and bare bulbs were found at every turn.

Table tops have become casual and organic for sure. China appears handmade and hand painted with little to no ornamentation and true to the materials and handcrafting. A luxurious effect is no longer achieved by the finest of the porcelain, but by an effortless sense of layering. Intense color is now being injected by glassware and crystal.

David Locke REALTOR, with his business partner Patsy Hendrix and friend Carol Tatum at AmericasMart
David Locke REALTOR, with his business partner Patsy Hendrix and friend Carol Tatum at AmericasMart

Pattern has made a big return as a statement making accent. Traditionalism is still huge with pattern often presented in bright new hue combinations to be used as a counter point to neutrals which still remain the lion share of large upholstered pieces, linens and draperies. Bright bold hues and pattern as appearing in artwork and accessories to brighten up and give interest to overall neutral interiors. Also, grays are giving way to warmer neutrals for sure but white is still ever present.

My overall summary of market is that traditionalism is being punctuated with modern materials and clean lines and modernity is being softened through organic materials and eclectic mixtures. The curated feel is the highest in design, along with punctuations of bright hues and textures into a neutral back drop.

When you look to stage your home to sell, contact Realtor, David Locke with Locke & Key Associates. His wealth of interior design knowledge will help give your home a refreshed look that will get more interest and sell for a better price. David can also help you see the potential in a new home for you and your family from remodeling to choosing new materials.


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