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Grandmother Sara's Ice Box Fruit Cake, #StopTheStigma

Ice Box Fruit Cake is the misunderstood, bullied and judged member of the dessert family! Come on, does not this dessert deserve the same love as cheese cake or brownies? What happened to being woke? Recently I served these to the business that handles marketing for my Real Estate business Locke & Key Associates and they could not get enough. One of the associates who hails from Pennsylvania has never eaten Southern Ice Box Fruit Cake and she suggested I write a blog with the #StopTheStigma! My eldest son even remarked how could you not like this. However, my wife does not care for it. I told her she had no taste because she liked Blue Cheese but not this fruit cake! Although I did have to remember she choose me so I should not attack her taste too much!

Many friends have asked for this recipe that I remember as a child enjoying each Christmas Day at my grandparents Christmas Party. I also made about 24 loaves this year for my neighbors, parties and friends along with one of my oldest and dearest friends for us to share between our homes. Our kids even enjoyed the mixing process which is easy and no-bake.


1 lb Graham Crackers

1 can Sweetened Eagle Brand Condensed Milk

1/4 lb Melted Butter

1 lb Chopped Pecans

1 Package Raisins

1 lb Mixed Glazed Fruit


In a food processor blend graham crackers in crumbs. In a separate bowl whisk together condensed milk and melted butter. Then, in a large shallow bowl or tray mix together milk and butter mixture into the graham crackers. Next, incorporate fruiting nuts into the crumb mixture using your hands. Press into molds and keep airtight and refrigerated until serving. Cut into small bitesize pieces with a sharp knife and place on a platter for serving.


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