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Garden Journal: Getting out of the Mud after 2 years! 12/20/19

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

I've been in the mud for two years now. Unending puddles of staining Georgia Red Clay. Wine, oil, ink, you have nothing on the staining abilities of Georgia Red Clay. I've had copious amounts in my truck, and on my boots for over 24 month and yes, I'm over it!

Enter, piles and piles of luxurious Zoysia grass sod. Oh, how I could roll in you necked (yes, that is naked and you are up to something in the South) again and and again! Today we began to sod my front lawn and with a five and seven year old in our house I'm so ready to have the mud covered. Thank you Jesus for covered mud! Bleach and the car wash have been my friend for over two years now I call "annus limes" or "years of mud, ooze and dirt".



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