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Garden Journal: A New Measure of a Manhood- Buying a Chain Saw

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

I’ve found a new measure of manhood I didn’t know existed. Just like the first time you drive a car, shoot a gun or get married, one more measure is buying your own chain saw. Yep! I told my wife you know you are adult when you go to Lowe’s and look at washers and dryers the way you used to look at sports cars. Well, when you are excited about a new chain saw I think that is another phase all together! Yes, when you have need of one so much you don’t borrow your dad’s you have reached a new plateau.

The cleaning of the woodland garden is progressing faster than I though possible without a bush hog or bull dozer. My sons and I are taking our time to hand cut all of the small trees and this has allowed us time to really get he feel of the land with its gentle slopes and rills. I’ve developed a pathological hatred of greenbrier as well! We are also getting to know each of the larger trees we want to keep and which ones need a little TLC.

Taking a slower approach is letting the land speak to us instead of us speaking to the land. We are finding how the deer interact with the woodland, how water flows across the surface and how sunlight plays in the woods.

Up till now we’ve been hand cutting trees and making large piles of debris but now it’s time to get out the chain saw. I’ve taken time to walk the woods, look and listen and find what must go to make room for new planting and what needs to stay to retain the magic of wilderness. Now, if I can just not cut off a hand or foot with this chainsaw we can move on to phase three, laying out and building the paths along with clearing of all fallen debris.


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