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Favorite Things, Christmas '22

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Christmas time is the season that is filled with so many of our favorite things from movies we watch every year to goodies we only cook in December! This year, Christmas 2022, Locke and Key Associates at Keller Williams Western Upstate thinks that exploring our customer’s, client’s and friend’s favorite things would be a marvelous way to celebrate the holiday season on social media.

We’ve asked some of our favorite community business partners to help us in our celebration. These wonderful business partners listed below have each donated a gift certificate that will be compiled into a stupendous prize of nearly $1000 to be given to one lucky individual. How do you become this lucky individual? Simple, just comment on our favorite things post on Facebook during the days in December leading up to Christmas Eve.

During the Christmas season Locke and Key Associates will be posting questions to Facebook regarding what is your favorite thing. Questions like what’s your favorite movie, ugly Christmas sweaters or elegant dress, will be some of the favorite questions we will be exploring during the holiday season. Everyone who comments on any of these posts will be entered to win our drawing held LIVE on Christmas Eve on Facebook. Our Anderson and Greenville, SC real estate company and REALTOR®, David Locke hope you have fun and splendid Christmas season! Come join us for some social media fun and who knows, you might be the big winner on Christmas Eve!


$50 from Apple Dumplin Antique Mall

$40 from Botox Boutique

$30 from Carolina Parakeet (tea only)

$100 Visa Gift Card from Locke & Key

Assorted Gifts from The Olive Shoe

All certificates will be given as one package to the winner. Not redeemable for cash.


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