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Egg Yolks are Orange, What? The Beauty of Farm Fresh Eggs

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Farm Fresh Eggs

On vacation a few years ago in the Czech Republic I came down for breakfast to a bucket at a chef's station filled with orange liquid that resembled orange sherbet. Then, when I asked for an omelet I realized the bucket was filled with well beaten farm fresh eggs. Never had I seen such color, I thought eggs were yellow, imagine my surprise?

Farm fresh eggs have an orange hue.
Farm fresh eggs have an orange hue.

When I returned home I made buying farm fresh eggs a priority. The taste and the color are so different than the mass produced commodities in most markets. Farm fresh eggs last longer, have greater flavor and increased viscosity. When you start buying farm fresh eggs you realize that what you have been buying at the grocery store is really an industrialized, synthetic of what real food should be.

Believe it or not the grocery chain establishment is beginning to listen to us. Now we are finding free range eggs on grocery shelves in places beyond the farm stand and Whole Foods. My grandmother used to say that chicken did not taste like it did when she was a girl when the chickens scratch on the ground outside. Increasingly I'm finding this wisdom to be true. Ingredients crafted nearer the Earth and nearer our homes have explosive tastes. Seek out local ingredients and food corporations and farmers will listen. You will be rewarded by helping your local farmers, local economy, your health and your taste buds.

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