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David & Robin's Favorite Things 2022

Below are mine and my wife’s favorite gift ideas for 2022 from a few dollars to a few hundreds for everyone on your Christmas list. #lockeandkeyfavoritethings

Sand and Fog Candles

We have pets and boys and, even though we constantly clean, it so nice to light a lightly scented candle when guests come to make sure our home is scented with a light yet inviting scent. This candle was given to us by friends as a hostess gift and quickly became one of our favorites! California is one of our favorite places so this candle, inspired by the state’s beaches is a wonderful gift. Our favorite? Tropical Harvest

Tru Earth Laundry Sheets

My wife and I drove our children cross-country for 33 days this summer and we certainly had to do laundry. We didn’t want to carry our heavy liquid laundry detergent with us so enter laundry sheets. These are a great stocking stuffer for any traveler, camper or back backer. They clean great, are eco friendly and smell wonderful!

Rebalancing Clay Mask from Clarins

Men and women both often get dry or oily on their face depending on the weather, dirty work outside, exercise or travel. We count on this in our house to soothe irritated, dirty or combination skin back into balance in just five minutes.

Bling O2 Goggles for Kids

My boys found these at Dove Mountain’s gift shop this summer in Tucson. Wow! What a fun statement for the pool that’s just cute and fun! This is a great gift for any kid that loves to swim.

Nespresso Pixie

Have a coffee lover on your list? It seems Nespresso is always on our list. The pixie is small enough for any office or camper and makes the best quality coffee and espresso ever.

Bandolier Cross Straps

My wife swears by these especially when we travel, allowing her to keep phone and wallet close and safe. Any lady on your list who likes to travel light would love this in the airport or around town.

Peony Envy Farm

Want to give the gardener in your life a plant that will live their lifetime. Peonies are mine and my wife’s favorite plant. Take a look at this online store in New Jersey and buy one bare root or a whole collection based on color or fragrance.

Sport Coats from Carolina Herrera

Need a gift for the fellow in your life that looks great no matter the situation from the boardroom to a cocktail party? Unlined coats from Carolina Herrera are one of my favorites. They are versatile and a fashion forward staple. Guys your lady would also love a dress or accessory from here! Trust me!

Peter Millar Pants

These pants are my go to for khakis or chinos. Our favorite is the sateen pant. They might be a bit expensive but they are worth the cost for the comfort.

Holland Bulb Farm

This is our favorite source for bulbs. I often buy spring bulbs in bulk at the end of the season. Trust me! Any gardener would love a huge bag of spring bulbs!

SMEG Electric Tea Kettle & Assam Tea

Due to reflux I’ve become a tea drinker in the morning and this great electric kettle makes tea brewing fast and easy and the kettle looks great on the counter to boot. Pair with loose Assam tea, my favorite variety, for a great gift for the tea lover.

Leather Goods from Clayton and Crume

I love the monogrammed belts, phone covers and sunglass straps all handmade in Kentucky.

Wines 2022

Locke and Key is known for hosting our wine tasting a few times per month so we’ve certainly found some favorites that don’t break the bank. Any of these would be great gifts for the oenophile on your Christmas list.

Beaulieu Red Blend

This is one of the best red blends available at Costco that is not a fortune with great nuance.

V. Sattui Zinfadels and Madeira

These are some of our favorite wines first shared with us by a neighbor that inspired a visit to the vineyard in Napa this summer. These wines are only available from the vineyard or their website. We love their wine club and any wine lover would also!

Louis LaTour Pouilly Fuisse

A great French wine with character and nuance that is fabulous with sausage or pork and not a fortune is available at Costco.

Atrevida Chardonnay 2019

From Argentina of all places this is a great wine to simply drink by itself available at Total Wine. This was my great surprise of the year.

Chandon Club

Know a gal or guy that loves Champagne and sparkling? Give them the gift of a bottle per month with the Chandon Club all made in Napa. We always serve a bottle of Chandon at each real estate event for Locke & Key Associates. They are fabulous for any occasion and a favorite in our home.


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