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Cleaning Under the Sofa with a Blower?

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Jellybeans, Legos, half eaten sticks of gum, Nerf bullets, wrappers, dust bunnies and dog hair, no, this is not the contents of a child’s trashcan. Is the debris under my sectional sofa I can’t reach! Oh, the horror!

We all have those pieces of furniture we cannot get under to vacuum or dust, the massive buffet, the full bookshelf or the sofa with less than an inch of clearance we can’t lift. So, I’ve developed a fast and easy way to clean underneath these pieces of furniture, all be it unconventional and probably hyper masculine.

Years ago I saw a church custodian and grounds keeper using a blower to clean out the church fellowship hall. One day as I was blowing off my porches I thought to myself, I said “self”. That’s what I call myself, self. “I bet we could use our electric blower to clean under the sofa?” After a few seconds, a frightened puppy and kitten later, I had cleaned out debris under the sofa in just a few seconds. Make sure if you’re going to use this technique you do use a electric blower as you wouldn’t want exhaust fill in your home. But I promise this technique works to make sure hard to reach spaces are clean. Then, dust, vacuum and mop as usual.

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