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Christmas Joy with Inexpensive Gold Spray Paint?

Many years ago I was tasked with decorating our church with several large trees and with limited budget we had to find an inventive way to adorn the trees. Enter pinecones and gold spray paint. I tasked many volunteers at our church with spray painting hundreds of pinecones, but you don’t need an army to create some inexpensive decorations for your home! Go into your yard or find a friend or neighbor that will let you gather pinecones, magnolia or greenery from their yard. Take a simple can of spray paint in any metallic color you’d like and spritz the leaves with gold. You don’t have to feel like you’ve got to cover the entire plant. Just a little spritz of gold or silver can make anything feel festive.

Often times I’ll simply create an arrangement of many different types of greenery from the garden and spray-paint one plant’s leaves to intermix with the other materials for an instant holiday feel. Even bowls of spray painted pinecones mixed with a few balls can make an inexpensive decoration for any house.

Many years ago I shared this tip with my great aunt who called me and said, “I’m over here spray painting the world!”

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