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Best Restaurants In Greenville and Anderson, SC

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

There's no shortage of restaurants in the Greenville and Anderson, SC area, but how do you know which are the "best"? Is it the place with the longest lines or the best Yelp reviews? Isn't that the brand new place everyone's talking about? There are so many ways to tell a restaurant is special, but finding them can be a daunting task. Offering a mix of urban conveniences and Southern hospitality, the neighborhood's charm is beguiling, and Anderson and Greenville, South Carolina have many great restaurants to try! Being one of the Upstate's busiest Realtors you can image how much we get out and about so the restaurant scene in Anderson and Greenville are always on our radar for clients. Here are some of mine and my wife's favorites.


Anderson is just a short drive from stunning Lake Hartwell, offering an abundance of food, events and culture. Try these restaurants on our list of the best restaurants in Anderson and experience the electric vibe and warm hospitality as you explore South Carolina's friendliest city.

Tucker's is a marvelous place for lunch or dinner with a wide ranging menu and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant is located close to the major shopping areas of Anderson.

Sullivan's is a mixture of Mediterranean and American and is a wonderful place for a business lunch or romantic dinner. Desserts are not to be missed.

Located at the Marina at Lake Hartwell, The Galley has beautiful views and dinner.

Earle Street is a casual dining space for lunch or dinner with American fare.

Summa Joes is a great place for lunch or dinner with craft pizzas, salads and entrees.

Elegant teas in the afternoon turn to cocktails in the evening at Bradbury.

Looking for sushi in downtown? Head over to Maki for fresh seafood creations.

If the brewery scene is your vibe, the Magnetic South Brewery is a great downtown venue.

South Carolina is famous for its seafood and this small downtown destination is a fun place for a casual dinner or cocktail.


There are actually about 20 Greenvilles across the country, hence the small South Carolina town's nickname: "Yeah that Greenville." Greenville is a rising star in South Carolina's dining scene, but deciding where to eat (and once there, what to eat) can be overwhelming. Here's a beginner's guide to some of the best restaurants and food in Greenville - #yeahthatgreenville.

Greenville's waterfall and bridge is truly amazing and this restaurant provides great views of the bridge, waterfall and park and brings a bit of Paris to the South.

Overlooking the central to Falls Park, Jiana is a great modern and cosmopolitan restaurant with Italian fare.

Coral presents stunning seafood and cocktails in a modern urban environment.

This staple of Old Greenville, never disappoints. It is a go to for wonderful dinners!

Soby's helped to begin the downtown renaissance of Greenville and is a wonderful Southern Fushion restaurant.

Many people always looks for the high-end steak restaurant and this is a wonderful establishment overlooking the Reedy River and Peace Center.

A great place for dinner or lunch, North Hampton presents wonderful food along with a marvelous wine shop.

Rick Erwins is a staple of the Upstate steak house scene and is a wonderful place to entertain clients or celebrate a milestone.

Lemoncello is a great Italian restaurant just off Main Street with a fun patio.

Willie Taco can be found in the old feed and seed store and has both funky decor and amazing tacos for every palate.

The Lazy Goat offers wonderful mederranean food with views of the Peace Center and Reedy River. The outdoor terrace is also fantastic.

Portofinos is an old Greenville family restaurant featuring down-home Italian food that won't break the bank near Haywood Mall where the food is always wonderful.

Plus so many more...

Named "#1 Under-the-Radar Southern Food Destination" by Zagat, "The Next Great Southern Food Town" by Esquire, and one of the "Tastest Towns in the South" by Southern Living, the food scene is right here in Greenville. There's a lot of energy here thanks to enterprising local restaurateurs and some outstanding annual food festivals.

Variety: Almost anywhere you lift a fork, you'll find menus dotted with delicious Southern fare, like burgers wrapped in pimento cheese (caviar in the South), sweet potato biscuits, or stewed peanut hummus with more than 110 restaurants in downtown alone and more than 1,000 throughout the county, Greenville, South Carolina's rich and delicious dining scene is gaining national attention.

Here you'll find a wide variety of cuisine, from traditional to downright eclectic, from modern dishes served in historic mills to seasonal dishes from local farms. Be sure to enjoy the view while dining by the Reedy River, or better yet, its namesake waterfall. Whatever your preference, there's a restaurant to suit every taste. From Southern food and soul food to BBQ and brewery, all you have to do is grab a plate.

Get your taste buds ready and start planning your culinary adventure in "#YeahTHATGreenville" or in "#AndersonISMyTown" today! Like the flavors of Upstate South Carolina? Make it your home by contacting David Locke, REALTOR with Locke and Key Associates and Keller Williams. David can help you find the best home for your budget and needs. He is a native of the region and knows it like the back of his hand. Call David Locke, REALTOR today at 864-940-0575. #lockeandkeyLIFE #yeahTHATGreenville #AndersonISmyTown #restaurants


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