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4 Tips for Staging Your Home

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Selling your home is an awesome responsibility and it is important to get the best price for your property. Selling a home is not just about size and location but it is also about what your house can offer other future homeowners. Staging your residence is an important part of selling a home, you are creating a vision for potential buyers who most likely have a difficult time visualizing.

Curb Appeal

The exterior of a house is the first thing anyone sees before walking into the home so it is important the exterior is immediately alluring with well-kept grass, inviting plants, beautiful colors, and fresh paint. You can also decorate your porch with beautiful and simple seasonal decor.

Clutter be Gone!

Declutter, declutter, and when you think you have it paired down - declutter the house more. Making sure a house is clean before showing makes sure that people can see a house in its full beauty. Clutter can make it difficult for potential buyers to picture themselves in a home. Also, take care to make certain the home smells great.

Remove All Personal Photos

When showing a house it is wise to put away all personal photos. You want to make sure that potential buyers can picture owning the property when they walk into the space. Having personal photos makes people connect the house with a family that isn’t theirs, and makes it difficult for them to picture themselves in a home for sale.

Bring in Organic Elements

Using plants in your home can help brighten up and make your home feel full of life. Having greenery in your home on the market creates a lively and welcoming feel to your property for potential buyers.

Staging your home for potential buyers allows them to see their family grow and blossom in the space and how it might be used. If you are in Anderson or Greenville, South Carolina, and are ready to take that next step, call David Locke at Locke & Key Associates at Keller Williams Western Upstate at 864-940-0575.


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