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When you begin to realize gardening is making an impact on your children

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Amidst whining and complaining and saying daddy it’s a weekday, daddy it’s the weekend, daddy it’s the afternoon, do we have to help you in the garden today? You realize that your children are beginning to have a great love for the outdoors. Instead of playing video games for hours on end your children want to play in the woods, play in the dirt, ride their bikes and are most calm when they’re outside. Then, when you least expect it your two little boys six and nine plant bulbs by their toy cottage without you noticing it. When the bulbs come up they take small pebbles and make mulch for their flowers. They even go into the woods and cut small logs to line their beds. Is it beautiful? No, but wait, it’s beautiful in its own special way. It’s something created by the hands of your children that one day hopefully will inspire them to do even greater things.

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