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Top Ten Trends for Christmas 2019

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Centuries of Christmas symbols pervade our culture and are unchanging stalwarts like wreaths, trees, balls and glitter, but each year some elements are more trendy than others. Here are my picks for what we are seeing in the stores and magazines this year. Add a few elements to your home or packages this year to add freshness to some of your old cherished decorations. You can also recombine some older items you have in different ways to get a fresh look.

1- Red and Black Buffalo Check

It might make you think of lumber jacks, but red and black buffalo check is very in this year in wrapping, pillows and just about everywhere in the stores.

2- Red Trucks and Farm House

On Christmas cards, pillows and ornaments, the old red truck can be found just about everywhere this Christmas. Its blends well with the popular farm house decor. I even have a pillow with a red truck and dog.

3- Bold Red and Less Emphasis on Green

Red and white, red and gold, red and just about any color is the theme for this year's holiday. Green is a bit less emphasized, and this designer loves the strength red brings to any design. Below are the colors I've used in our dining room.

4- Warm Neutrals with Metallics

Nuetrals with white and soft metallics are really on trend this year. Brown, grey and tan brings a soft woodland feel to your home and blends with the grey and other neutrals so popular in interior design today. Here is my library mantle below with frosty neutrals.

5- Plaids

Plaids are big big big this year! We see plaids in ribbons, throws and wrapping paper. Here is a trend from fashion that has spread to our holiday decor. Plaid ribbon found its way onto our kitchen lights below.

6- Glass and Metal Table Top Trees

Thank you beloved Pottery Barn for making trees in every size and material from mercury glass to wood. Simply place a few of these around your house for maximum Christmas Cheer. Here is my entry table below.

7- Anything Goes- finding your color

No longer is the Christmas season limited to just red and green or gold and silver. If your home is lime and blue then own it. If you love pink, grab some balls and pink ribbon or even create a blue and white theme for your beach house.

8- Christmas Pillows and Throws

Wham! Put some red pillows and fluffy plaid blankets around or festive pillows from the department store on your couch and you have instant holiday cheer. You can find these just about anywhere from Big Lots to Pottery Barn. This is a huge new trend I never saw as a kid. Here are some of ours below.

9- Mixed Textures of Greenery

Mixed textures of many different evergreens are in vogue. We see mix textures in floral design and even in artificial trees. No longer are wreath and trees limited to balsam.

10- Flocked Trees & Iced Branches

Floral picks and trees come in a wide range of flocked and iced forms. Use them to bring a white Christmas into the house even if you live in Florida.

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