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Top 10 Small Touches to Make Your House Feel Holiday Ready Even If You Don’t Put Up A Tree

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

1-Christmas Scented Hand Soap

We always head to Bath and Body Works for a few Christmas hand soaps. Scent triggers so many deep memories so peppermint, cranberry or pine scented soap can make you instantly feel like it’s Christmas. When I owned my advertising agency we always had these in our client bath.

2- Bowls of Christmas Balls

Take a simple bowl, fill it to the brim with balls and you have an instant decoration. You can also fill cloche or apothecary jars if you want to get a bit more fancy. Group them in pairs of three at varying heights.

3- Evergreen from Your Yard

Who doesn’t have a holly bush around the neighborhood? Cut a few sprigs and put in a vase for a little evergreen in the house. Nandina, magnolia, junipers and pine should also be available in most places.

4-Ceramic and Glass Decorations

We have a small ceramic nutcracker from Fitz and Floyd and a few other plates that we can sit around as an instant decoration. We also have two glass deer that one of our best friends brought us from a trip to Germany. These take pride of place each year.

5-An Amaryllis or Poinsettia

A amaryllis or poinsettia is a great way to have color and life in your home with little fuss.

6-Christmas Hand Towels, paper for guests

We always keep Christmas paper hand towels in the powder room. It’s a small touch that makes you feel Christmasy.

7-Bows on Chandeliers or Sconces

All you need is a bit of ribbon. Tie three bows to the top of a light fixture to add an instant festive feel to any room.

8-A Wreath on Your Front Door, Interior Windows or Mirror

If you do no other decoration a fresh green wreath with a bow lets your neighbors know you are in the spirit. I also hang wreaths on my largest mirrors. They are easy to put up and take down with 3m Command Hooks or a suction cup.

9- Holiday China

Simply drink your coffee from a Santa mug or pull out the Christmas china for dinner.

10- Christmas Music

During Christmas I keep Amazon Radio tuned to Christmas music. I leave it on when we leave so holiday music greets us each time we come in the door. Even my tabby cat and Corgi seem to love it!

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