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S’more Bar with an EEEVIL Tool

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

WARNING: This blog conceals the evilest, vilest tool in my battery de cuisine.

The Pumpkin Blaze

Every Halloween my wife and I have about around 30-40 friends and family for a drop-in party that has become known as our Annual Pumpkin Blaze. Friends are welcome to dress up. Some do and some don’t. They are welcome either way. This started years ago when I lived alone in a large subdivision and hosted over 150+ children to trick-or-treat. My parents would come over to help and soon after this turned into an open invitation for friends and family to come by with their children or come to see all of the children dressed spooky-ooky. Now I’m the dad with two children to dress up and most of our friends have small children as well.

Building A S'more Bar

What do you serve people dropping in and out on the most sugar filled night of the year that is easy and pleases both adults and kids alike? S’mores! And yes, I say it S- Mores like a Northerner which is like sticking a knife in my wife’s chest. She hates that! It is Halloween, so it’s a great time for plunging imaginary knives in people. Mwah ha ha ha! Evil laugh!

Keep your s’more bar really casual and easy. I lay out graham crackers, small treat size Hershey Bars, marshmallows, halloween paper cocktail napkins and microwavable small china plates. Then, each person can make their own and use an unspeakable tool…

The Vilest of All...

One thing my readers need to know about me is I hate microwaves! I use them only to warm my coffee when it gets cold and that is about it. I always make a mess, exploding butter and over cooking anything I put in the thing. Yes, it is an evil appliance. So, even the suggestion that I would use this is like saying that Julia Child would eat McDonalds. YIKES!

Nuking S'mores

Let each guest pop the s-more into the microwave for about 13 seconds and watch as the marshmallow swells. Then, voila, the best nuked s’more you can eat, without the mess of the campfire. I keep a big urn of coffee at the ready for this party and set bunches of cups and saucers out with spoons, sugar, cream and Splenda. If you want to be really decadent, add some Reeses Cups to your buffet and show people how to make double decker s'mores.

If I feel really adventurous and have time I also make caramel apple slices on sticks. So, carve a few pumpkins with the kiddos, invite some friends over, stream some spooky music and enjoy some s’mores. I promise you will want s’more of them and so will your guests.

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