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Red Headed Stepchild

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

My wife and I have a favorite restaurant in Saluda North Carolina called the Purple Onion. On a late November trip up the mountain from Upstate South Carolina for Sunday brunch I sample this cocktail for the first time. It’s very light and refreshing and a real crowd pleaser.

Each year for our family Christmas party I try to offer a new cocktail recipe and this year the redhead stepchild is it. Not only is it great drink but the name resonates with me as my eldest son, me and my mother are all redheads. The large sphere of ice makes for an interesting presentation but also does change the flavor of the drink, keeping it from being watered down yet well chilled.


Large spherical or square ice cube

.5 oz cranberry juice

2 oz vodka

1 oz tonic water

Top with cava or Prosecco about 1 oz

Cranberries for garnish


Place ice Ina chilled rocks or old fashion glass. Pour in juice, vodka, tonic water and top with cava. Garnish with a cranberry or two if you wish.

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