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PF Chang's Coconut Mojito

My wife and I are not huge chain restaurant fans. We usually like to support local businesses, but one chain restaurant we sometimes visit is PF Changs. A few years ago we sampled a Coconut Mojito, and it was marvelous. A year or two ago my wife and I were on date night and because the restaurant was at capacity due to COVID rules we sat by ourselves at the bar. My wife ordered the famous coconut mojito. To our delight as I began to try to figure out the concoction the bartender offered me the recipe and told me how to make the drink. We so often entertain in our home because of my Real Estate business Locke and Key Associates that a new cocktail is wonderful to add to our repertoire for our guests.

The Changs Coconut Mojito couldn’t be simpler, and it’s a real crowd pleaser. You can even make it virgin very easily for the kids or someone who doesn’t like rum. What could be better than coconut, mint and lime on a hot day around pool or lake.

I also have to make an aside here… Coconut is the first thing I remember regurgitating as a child, on the side of the interstate in Florida heading to Disney mind you. I never liked it until I was an adult and it’s still not my favorite so if I endorse this drink it must be amazing! Just make sure every ingredient is ice ice cold baby! The first time I made them, I tried these on my next door neighbors and we loved them, but they would have been better had I refrigerated all my ingredients for a while.

Now, these have become a staple when we host my real estate clients for Locke and Key Associates at KW. Wouldn't you want a REALTOR who made you these?

Ingredients Coconut Mix 10 oz Coconut Milk 10 oz Zico Coconut Water 10 oz Simple Syrup For each drink 1.5-2 oz Bacardi Superior Rum Fresh Grated Nutmeg (I admit to using the stuff from the jar) Juice of a Quarter of a Lime 1 Sprig of muddle Spearmint


Make the mix in a 10,10,10 oz ratio. Boil equal parts water with equal parts sugar to make the syrup and allow it to dissolve completely. Then cool the mixture. Add coconut water and coconut milk to a large pitcher, stir and chill for several hours or overnight. To make one drink- muddle the mint at the bottom of the glass. Fill the glass with ice and add 1.5-2 once of rum. Then, pour in the mojito mix. Top with a the juice of a quarter of a lime or to taste and give a small stir top to bottom then shake a little nutmeg on top. Garnish with a sprig of mint and lime wedge if you want to be fancy. #cookininmyboots #mojito #coconut #realtor #Anderson #Greenville #SellMyHouse #LockeandKeyLife #RealEstate #YeahTHATGreenville #AndersonIsMyTown #Upstate #DavidLockeREALTOR #Zico #Bacardi #PFChangs


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