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My Vacation Alter Ego- “Beach Bum Dave”

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

I hope when you “vacation” and I don’t mean “travel” I mean “vacay”, I hope you have an alter ego. For me, my perfectionistic type A personality has to die! Then arrives who we call “Beach Bum Dave.” He neither shaves nor wears shoes nor answers phone calls. He always has on a hat and smells of sunscreen and the ocean breeze. If allowed to hang around for long I fear bankruptcy and potential imprisonment would ensue. He wakes when he pleases, naps when he pleases and eats when hungry.

However, vacationing should be just that, vacating from your responsibilities for just a while to allow your spirit and inner being to rest from the responsibilities of continual adulting. My hope for you this summer is you have a moment of flip flop, toes in the sand, no cell phone bliss. You are the only one who can turn the phone off so be that person. Trust me, your spirit and your family will thank you and you will like yourself just a bit better. Beach Bum Dave neither cooks nor cleans nor manages or plans and I hope you can do the same for a day or two even if it’s a glorious staycation.

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