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Marbleizing Easter Eggs with Nail Polish

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

In a search to reinvent the age old process of dying eggs I found this technique to show you something new. My boys and I dye a few eggs each year always with the ubiquitous food coloring and vinegar. It seems it wouldn't be Easter without stained fingers and the sulfurous smell of hardboiled eggs. This year we chose to use Jadeite and Imari dishes on our Easter Table including a color story that is a bit unusual with jade, gold, blue, and orange.

To Marbleize an egg you can use any nail polish. Just remember this is messy so protect your surfaces, and only use disposable bowls and forks. We used glass bowls for demonstration, and I can tell you it was a mess. Also, don't use your wife's expensive Chanel $40+ bottle of polish if you want to live! You also want to make sure you have a bottle of acetone for cleanup, and disposable gloves wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Hard boil your eggs, and allow them to cool. Also, allow your bowls of water to come to room temperature, otherwise your polish will sink to the bottom and not work. Swirl your polish about the top of the water, using a different bowl for each color. Using a fork or spoon guide the color onto the egg until you are happy with coverage. Then, place the eggs in the carton to dry. I rotated ours about halfway through the drying process so the eggs did not stick.

Happy Easter from the Locke Family, He is Risen!

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