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How to have an amazing and easy pool party for the kids

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Pool parties are our children’s favorite parties! Each year they look forward to hosting their school classes on the last day of school. Hosting a pool party might be intimidating but it is really the easiest of all. First, most of the mess of having 20 or so kids stays outside and out of your house. Second, the pool provides the entertainment so all that is needed is to layout a few inexpensive items to make your party amazing…

1- A cooler of water and drinks is a must to keep everyone cool and hydrated. I choose Gatorade for our kids along with bottles of water. My wife keeps a Sharpie marker to write each child’s name on the bottle. Also, the screw cap keeps the drink safe from spills and stinging insects.

2- Colorful floats are something we replace each year. We sit them around for a colorful decoration that encourages safe fun in the water. Target is our favorite store for colorful summer-y floats.

3- Pizza is a favorite of any kid so we buy refrigerated pizzas at Aldi. I cook them, cut them into slices and lay them out on wooden cutting boards with a simple dish towel to cover them. The kids and adults can eat as they wish.

4- Popsicles are a mega kid pleaser and oh so cheap and easy! We buy 200 pops at Sam’s and freeze them two or three days before. Make sure you take them out of the box or they won’t freeze! We get the party started by coming around with popsicles and then repeat several times during the party. The kids will love them.

5- Save yourself some time with paper plates and napkins along with taking your kitchen trash can outside.

6- Get out the speaker and create a party atmosphere with music. If you’re having a luau theme try some Hawaiian music or some good old-fashioned beach music or your kids favorite playlist.

7- A slip and slide will get the kid’s out of the pool. I squirt a bit of Dawn detergent on the slide to really get the kid’s slipping and sliding!

8- If you have older kids I like to put out some colorful yard games like bocci ball or croquet. Other ideas might be badminton, yard bowling, ring toss or yard jinga. Target and Pottery Barn are great places to start.

Helpful handy dandy hints:

Clean Water

I always shock my pool when I have so many kids to come. I also, have the water professionally tested about a week before to make sure it’s clean, safe and comfortable for the young folk.

We have a saltwater system so I start a shock about 12 hours before the party so the chorine level is high when the kids are in the pool to sterilize any germs in the water. I vacuum both before the party and the day after. I also make sure to have the grass cut the day before and blow off our porches the day of the party.


Designate a few adults to watch the kids in the pool and take turns lifeguarding. It only takes a moment of distraction for a kid to drown and drowning people don’t make noise.

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