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Hidden Secret Art at Disney World That Is Our Favorite

Art and design have been my passion all my life now going on four decades, and a very simple and overlooked thing at Disney World is one of my favorites pieces of art. Mosaics made with tiny pieces of glass have fascinated me since my first trip to Europe while I was in college. Imagine making pictures with tiny pieces of glass?

If you are a Disney fan, and my family certainly is, then there is a little secret place you need to seek out on your next visit. Next time you find yourself at Walt Disney World make sure to walk in the entrance through the portcullis of Cinderella’s Castle and stop a short moment to look at the story all made of tiny glass tesserae, covering the walls.

Take a second away from rushing to the next ride or snack to take in one of my favorite corners of Disney! The shade is a welcome respite and may become a favorite Disney moment for you and your family.

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