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First Snow and a Fountain

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

31º Snowing, Ground sodden from record rains.

-Drained excess water from the pool, picked up branches blown down by storms.

-Beautiful snowfall by afternoon.

This morning I'm sitting in front of my computer looking out my kitchen window at a rare South Carolina snowfall. It's pouring snow and, yes, I've been out gardening. The brand-new garden paths were washed terribly by record rainfall and our old oaks took a beating from high winds. As the ground begins to whiten with snow I'm reflective that my garden now boasts something I've wished for since I was a child, a fountain.

When I was little most of the malls across America had fountains. They were always so fun and exciting to me. From the Old Peach Tree Plaza Skyscraper in Atlanta with its lobby suspended over a man made lake to Greenville SC's Hyatt Regency and our own Mall in Anderson, SC, all were filled with fountains. As I got older and wandered the gardens of Charleston my love grew, and later visiting the piece de resistance of the world, Villa d'Este gardens, my love was sealed. I've always loved fountains and wanted one of my own. Not till 41 have I gotten one. Placed in front of my home in our little parterre garden surrounded by boxwoods and small balustrades, I feel like I have a bit of Europe in my own Southern garden.

The Organ Fountain at Villa D'Este

The trickle of water is said to bring birds to the garden, but I simply think nothing is more soothing than the sound of water. What else brings a landscape to life than the symbol and true staff of life, water? To me a garden is a place for reflection, rest and healing and our little fountain is the center of that hope. It might be frozen over in its first day in the garden but I'm dreaming of green grass and plantings that will be a reality in a few short weeks.



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