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Collecting Easter Eggs

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

I guess I’m one of those people who starts collections of all sorts of things! Is it a curse or a blessing? I’m not sure which, but I’ll choose blessing. Every year I seem to add to the things that I collect. Years ago when I was in college on a trip I purchased one painted egg that has turned into a collection that comes out every Easter of many, many eggs. Why? They are so easy to buy as a remembrance of a trip. Plus, they are a little hard to find so that makes literally hunting for eggs all the more fun. I’ve found them in France, California, South Carolina, Hungary and even online. You can find them at gift shops and antique stores. Another thing I like about collecting eggs is they are inexpensive and very easy to transport in your luggage if you’re on a trip. Each Easter we bring them out from their boxes, unwrap them just like unwrapping familiar Christmas ornaments and allow them to sparkle for a few months, heralding the Easter season, the arrival of spring and the resurrection of Jesus. Our boys delight in looking at each one and asking the story behind each of them.

Not all ours eggs have come from trips. Some of them have been bought in bags of a dozen at local hobby stores. We have papier-mâché eggs, plastic eggs, marbleized eggs, wooden eggs, you name it!

How do we display them? We fill baskets with paper Easter grass and fill glass and ceramic bowls full of eggs. Egg cups even make a great way to display them. My parents have even begun giving us eggs at Easter to add to the collection.

Think about starting your own collection of eggs this season. They take up little space and instantly say to your family, “Spring is here!”

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