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Christmas in the Bedroom?

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Everyone knows the things that most people decorate for the holidays; the mantle, the Christmas tree in the family room, the wreath on the front door, but have you considered your bedroom? I’m a sucker for anything that makes our house look festive but doesn’t take tons of time. You don’t always have to spend hours on a Christmas tree or days on a lighting scheme for your outside. One thing my wife and I discovered we like most is our Christmas bedding. We all spend about a third of our life in the bed so why not have it be one of the most festive things in your house? One of the tricks we use is our bedspread or quilt which is white along with our drapes so we can easily incorporate festive colors or any seasonal color into our bedroom. Purchase a great Christmas duvet or throw for your bedroom along with some yuletide sheets and a Christmas pillow or two and there you have it, instant Christmas cheer!

If your base color for your bedroom doesn’t happen to be neutral just use whatever color you have in a Christmas pattern or go a little crazy and do a funky color that works with your bedroom. In our room we have Christmas toile sheets in red and white with one Christmas pillow, our duvet is red and green Stewart plaid. We can easily remove the Christmas patterns and use the red and green plaid through the end of February. Thinking about how you can continue to use your bedding and mix and match it throughout the seasons can help you justify the cost.

Don’t limit it just to your bedroom but also remember there’s so many fun sheets you can get for your kids these days to give them a holiday feel for their bedrooms as well. Our sons even put little table top trees in their rooms this year with my eldest using my vintage Star Trek ornaments from my childhood. It’s fun to give your children a space that they can decorate that’s all their own.

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