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Boots and Bow Ties Favorite Things 2021

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

The much anticipated Boots and Bow Ties 2021 Christmas Gift Guide and Favorite Things List has arrived to help you get in the holiday spirit and find the perfect fit for everyone on your gift list!

Williams Sonoma Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is hot chocolate right? I thought so until a few years back I bought some William Sonoma hot chocolate on sale after Christmas. It is not your normal hot chocolate at all! William Sonoma’s hot chocolate is made of little teeny tiny chips and chocolate made for them in San Francisco. Mix it with some warm milk and it is the best you’ve ever tasted!

Old Whaling Company Seaweed and Sea Salt Lotion

My wife and I found this great company while walking through the streets of Charleston. Old Whaling Company is made in West Ashley, South Carolina just across the river from Charleston. They have a great product and wonderful scents that are not heavy and even a fragrance free line.

Luchessee Briefcase and Luggage

Ditch the Louis Vitton! This luggage is American, rugged, luxury and well made with a reasonable price tag. If you like Luchesse boots, then this luggage is right up your alley. I have the briefcase and use it as my carry-on when I fly. I survived two days stranded in Dallas with only this briefcase!

Coins from the UK Royal Mint or US Mint

Looking for a gift that can teach your kids about history while also gaining value over time? Coins from the Royal Mint of the United Kingdom and the US Mint make wonderful gifts. They have coins to fit every budget from a few dollars to thousands of dollars with historical and popular culture themes.

J Lohr Wines from California

Need a wine that never disappoints? This one from the central coast of California is a sure bet whether it’s white or red. It’s even available at Sam’s and we always keep it in our wine collection. A bottle of J Lohr wine is always a great gift for your host or hostess during the holidays.

Cuisinart Food Processor

My mother always said never to buy her a Christmas present with a plug but this surely would be an appliance that anyone would like to have anytime. A Cuisinart food processor is a workhorse of the kitchen that the special person on your list will have for decades to come. Anyone who cooks even a little bit, and who, like me, hates to chop will love this food appliance.

Men’s Shaving Cream from Clarins

Need a stocking stuffer for the guy in your life? I love Clarins men’s shaving cream. It’s herbal mixture stops razor burn and soothes irritated skin. It’s something most men would not buy for themselves but would love! Pair it with a beautiful razor from The Art of Shaving.

PMD Sonic Brush

If you have someone in your life that struggles with a bit of acne, in-grown hairs, or just wants to have a little a cleaner feeling face, a PMD sonic brush is wonderful. This is especially true for people who may like sonic care which went out of business. We love this gadget because there’s no brush heads to replace and it’s great for men and women alike.

Sunglasses from Aldo

I’ve gotten more compliments on my $15 Aldo glasses than my most expensive Dior pair. These make great stocking stuffers for gals and guys!

Silver Frames with Family Photos

This is my mother’s favorite gift! Whether you have a professional photo shoot or just simply pull photos from your phone, printing out photos and placing them in frames is a wonderful gift. Look for frames on sale at Pottery Barn and silver frames at Marshall’s. Having all the photos in silver frames with different designs helps to unify disparate photographs creating high-end harmony.

Salt, Fat Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat

A dear friend gave me this book last year for Christmas and it is the best cookbook ever, especially for someone who wants to know more about the chemistry of cooking or wants to understand how to put any recipe together with ingredients they have on hand. Try Salt Fat Acid Heat!

Scentsy Warmers

We were skeptical! Then, a friend who sells these gave us one and we have loved it! I’m not big on smells but Scentsy has so many to choose from and they are all natural. If you want a fun gift this might be the ticket especially for someone who loves candles but wants a safer alternative.

Apple Leather Phone Case with Magnetic Wallet

Whoa, you are my favorite, never going to be without wallet ever again! I love this little magnetic wallet because it is sleek, easy to remove and replace and can hold your identification and two credit cards. No more bulky wallet in your pocket or purse. Check it out at Apple.



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