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"Believing in Tomorrow" Garden Journal Friday, December 13th 2019

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Since the age of seven I've dreamed of my own garden, built from the ground up with walls, paths, hard-scapes, trees, plants and beds galore to experiment with annuals and herbaceous perennials. I guess it all started at five when my job was to put the tomato vines in the holes as my dad prepared his vegetable garden. I was hooked and have been ever since!

This year my wife and I finally built our forever home. I guess that means we will pay on it "forever" but this is where we plan to be till the Lord calls us home. To that end, we enlisted my former graphic design client Gary Collins of Collins Landscape to help focus our ideas and create a master plan for the 1.3 acre garden and yard around the house. For the past two months our yard has been graded and prepared so today, on this rainy Friday the 13th, the last of the decade, I start my garden journal. I hope you will find some tidbits of inspiration here for your own garden. Audrey Hepburn said, "To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow".

Journal: Friday, 12/13/19

Over the past week we've installed the front parking court made of slate chips, dug and built the pool, started construction on the back retaining wall, and trees have started to be planted. Our pool was designed and installed by the amazing Mize Pools. In addition the beds and balustrade for the front parterre have been completed. Wednesday the Green Giant Arborvitae, that are one of my favorite trees, were planted to form a privacy screen between my neighbor and us as well as form the backdrop for my future English Cottage boarder I will plant in spring. The gas line for the fire-pit garden was also put in place and the back courtyard is beginning to take shape.

In the house the seven amaryllis bulbs I planted six weeks ago in an antique French copper fish poacher from 1860 are in glorious bloom. We will have to make this a family Christmas tradition as the boys and my wife are so enamored with them. How magical it is to plant a bulb, water, and have glorious vibrant red trumpet flowers bloom? Check out my blog on Amaryllis by clicking here. I also have our Poinsettia in place that was a gift from a friend.

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